Master Slave BIND9 Debian

Hostname IP Address Master Slave Konfigurasikan DNS seperti biasa hanya dilakukan pada master. Tambahkan opsi allow-transfer, notify dan also-notify ke file konfigurasi. Pada opsi allow-transfer dan also-notify masukkan IP address server Slave. [root@master ~]# nano /etc/bind/named.conf.options options { ....... allow-transfer {; }; notify yes; also-notify {; …

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LKSN2021 Modul C – Python Web Application

Python Web Application Programmers asked us to make sure they can run sample code below in the python3 virtual environment in the development server. Install python3 and other required packages to run the code Enable python3 virtual environment and create a new virtual environment on “/opt/env/myenv” Install the required …

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Soal LKS ITNSA Tingkat Nasional Tahun 2021

SOAL ITNSA PRE Pre-MTP-LKSN2021-Module A – Day 1_v1.pdf Pre-MTP-LKSN2021-Module A – Day 2_v1.pdf Pre-MTP-LKSN2021-Module B_v1.pdf Pre-MTP-LKSN2021-Module C_v1.pdf SOAL ITNSA ACTUAL MODUL A – INTEGRATION SYSTEMS DAY 1 – ITNSA – LKSN 2021.pdf MODUL A – INTEGRATION SYSTEMS DAY 2 – ITNSA – LKSN 2021.pdf MODUL B – NETWORK SYSTEMS – …

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