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LKSN2022 – Module C – Local Registry

Soal dapat dilihat di https://itnsa.id/. Ketentuan Soal Access srv1.artemis.local to do tasks in this section Container Name : proteus-registry Use image registry:2.7.0 from docker hub Volume mounts : /mnt/registry to /var/lib/registry Expose container port 1234 Eanble https by using local self-signed CA Generate CA using openssl Common name : srv1.artemis.local …

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LKSN2021 Modul C – Python Web Application

Python Web Application Programmers asked us to make sure they can run sample code below in the python3 virtual environment in the development server. Install python3 and other required packages to run the code main.py Enable python3 virtual environment and create a new virtual environment on “/opt/env/myenv” Install the required …

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